Gemstones have not only a material value. The month of birth determines which stone can accompany us through life as a source of strength. These birthstones, it is said, have very individual properties that can have an empowering effect on their wearer.

Month  stone  August:  Prasiolite

August has three birthstones in light green, each of which emphasizes the magic of nature with its unique shape and color characteristics: peridot, aventurine and prasiolite.

Prasiolite is also called green amethyst, green quartz or vermarine. It is a light green, transparent variety of quartz. The name is the composition of the Greek words 'prason' for leek and 'lithos' for stone. Its color is green to green-yellow.

Prasiolite - effect as a healing stone
Prasiolite is said to awaken the heart to allow more love and compassion. It can give more security and calmness and lead to more inner stability during heated emotions. It also improves intuition. It is a typical prosperity stone, which can attract more wealth and abundance into one's life. In the crystal are the energies of amethyst, which is a spiritual stone with protective and purifying energies.

Zodiac sign Leo 23.07. - 24.08.

Warmhearted, passionate and cheerful - this is how people born under the zodiac sign of Leo are usually described. His strengths are self-confidence, generosity and creativity.

People with the zodiac sign Leo are proud and self-confident personalities who like to be admired and prefer to attract all attention to themselves.

Typical Leo are also a great sense of family and unshakable loyalty. They are fundamentally honest and have an open mind, with which they quickly make new contacts, but only accept selected people into the circle of their closest confidants.

Leo women are considered to be outgoing persons who are always well dressed. The perfect styling with a good outward appearance is very important to the Leo woman.


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