"One should be much more by the sea in general..."

A statement we all know. But why is that? After all, being at the beach usually means a longer journey, you always forget something, the kids are restless and it also costs money.

At the beach: Suddenly the clocks go differently. There I am the way I am (otherwise I rarely get to be). The air lets you breathe deeply and the water glistens at you with an open mind. The rhythmic sound of the waves calms the stressed soul.

And the color BLUE does the rest:

Calms and clarifies the senses. BLUE has a clear level-headedness, objectivity and neutrality - that instills confidence and gives a sense of security. Blue is the color of distance. Blue creates space and gives perspective.

And this blue is the inspiration of the blue escape: inspiring jewelry that reminds us of the maritime lightness of sun and sea.

On the beach we feel with a relaxed certainty:

Everything remains different.

My reading recommendation:

"The Lure of the Beach: A Global History" by Robert C. Ritchie.


Der Strand auf Elbow Cay (Bahamas)