Packing Light: Tips for a minimalist packing list

Auf Reisen: Tipps für eine minimalistische Packliste
Auf Reisen: Tipps für eine minimalistische Packliste

Travel Checklist: Your outfits for the next summer vacation

I pack my suitcase and take with me... What sounds quite simple at the beginning is suddenly quite tricky when you stand in front of your own empty suitcase. And wasn't the suitcase somehow bigger last summer?!

What should be in the suitcase? Of course, sunscreen, underwear, mosquito repellent and a charging cable should always be in your suitcase. But what should I wear? Here is clever mix and match announced with parts that all fit together.Each top goes with each bottom, you can wear them on top of each other or combine them with a light jacket. Some pieces can also be swapped out or left out altogether, depending on whether you're more of a pants or dress type. The rule is: add one, leave one out. If you add another pair of shorts, then remove another piece to balance it out. In addition, you should look for materials, is not only high quality, but also extremely easy to care for. A loose fit, preferably with dropped shoulders, instantly creates a sophisticated look - even on vacation. Stick to basics in beige, white, blue and gray for your wardrobe, as these neutrals are easy to combine, and then add some colorful pieces. For the swimsuit, you could choose a bikini so the tops and bottoms can be recombined for more options. And now the supreme discipline: the right accessories can completely change the look of the outfit!

the blue escape jewerly - Packlist Summer

Fresh up! Colorful jewelry gives neutral vacation looks the ultimate coolness

Into the Blue Earrings

These beautiful stud earrings are entirely dominated by the large blue topazes, which are centered and beautifully unique cut. Fresh and unexciting presence!

Collier from the ocean

Blue like the sea, beige like the sand and white like the bright sunlight: this is the Larimar. Captured in this beautiful necklace, summer lives on in you!

the blue escape jewelry - Larimar Collier

The wave

The statement piece of the first collection: the WAVE ring. Shiny silver is complemented here by a blue topaz in radiant blue. The special detail is the incorporated wave in the setting. Unique and expressive.

Outfit: Liapure

Liapure Fashion

Extra tip: It's best to wear the bulkiest clothes on the outbound and return flights! Packing should be easy as these clothes are light and don't take up much space. Toiletries and jewelry can be stowed in the small handbag. If you are taking a straw hat, you should also wear it on the plane, as it does not pack well.

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the blue escape jewerly - Packlist Summer