LAPIS LAZULI – The September-Birthstone – Virgo


Gemstones have not only a material value. The month of birth determines which stone can accompany us through life as a source of strength. These birthstones, it is said, have very individual properties that can have an empowering effect on their wearer.

Month  Stone September:  Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli (lapis, glaze stone) is a sulfur-containing aluminum silicate (mineral class: framework silicates). Inclusions of pyrite give the gemstone its golden glow. The name is composed of lapis (lat. stone) and lazuluma (lat. blue, sky).

For the ancient Egyptians, this gemstone was the most precious burial gift for their dead pharaohs. Thus, lapis lazuli was partly incorporated into the death mask of Tutankhamun. For many great rulers of history lapis lazuli was considered a protective stone.

Lapis ground as a powder was once used as a valuable color pigment: the famous ultramarine blue. A pure, high-quality gemstone is deep blue and accordingly expensive and valuable. These best qualities of lapis lazuli mostly come from the Badakhshan province in Afghanistan.

Lapis Lazuli – effect as a healing stone

Lapis lazuli is one of the most important healing stones. The gemstone is light-bringing: It is said that it makes it possible to look deeper into people and thus recognize their true self. Since it has the power to illuminate people, it is easier to recognize and admit one's own faults and to free oneself from them. It is considered the stone of love and friendship.

As a secondary stone for Virgo, lapis lazuli helps to release too much modesty.


Zodiac sign Virgo Jungfrau 24.08. - 23.09.


Born between August 24 and September 23, Virgo is at home in late summer. Assigned to her is the planet Mercury and the element Earth.

Analytical, clever, hands-on - this is how Virgo can be described. Thus, Virgo tends to perfectionism. She is very practical and extremely dedicated on the job.

Their motto is "I analyze" and so the zodiac sign has an extremely intellectual and structured character.

Whoever has her as a friend can count on her without any restrictions. She always has an open ear, but does not hold back with her honest opinion. Virgo is straightforward and stands by what she promises.


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Monatssteine & Geburtssteine: LAPIS LAZULI – Der September-Geburtsstein – Jungfrau