OPAL – The October Birthstone – Libra


Gemstones have not only a material value. They can also be a source of creative power that helps you through life. Your month of birth is deciding for this.

Month  Stone of October:  Opal

The term opal comes from the Latin opalus or the Greek opallios for 'precious stone'.

Opal owes its incomparable iridescence to silicic acid-containing fluid accumulations, which turn into silicic acid gel through evaporation of the water they contain. This in turn produces countless tiny silica spheres, and light reflects off these - the stone shimmers. The coveted play of color is called "opalescence".

In jewelry, three types are distinguished: precious opal (with color play), common opal (without color play) and fire opal (with and without color play).

The value of an opal is determined primarily by its color and how rarely it occurs. Expensive is red, because this is a rarity. Also a role is played by the thickness of the opal layer, the beauty of the grain, the cut, the weight and the processing. The color of opal is extremely diverse. Its transparency is opaque, that is, non-transparent, but sometimes translucent. The stone has a fat luster and opalescent color play. Some specimens have a nacreous luster.

The opal is known for its numerous varieties: among others Andean opal, Boulder opal, crystal opal, Yowah nut, blue opal, green opal, water opal, opal cat's eye, pink opal, milk opal, black opal.

By far the largest locality is Australia.

About 95% of all opals come from here, while about 4% come from Mexico.


OPAL – Effect as a Healing Stone

The aborigines of Australia call it the "stone of 1000 lights".

The opal stands for joy of life, creativity and serenity. It is said to help against inhibitions and depression. In addition, it can dissolve blockages and positively influence the flow of energy.

It is also said that the opal is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect in esotericism.


Zodiac Sign Libra 24.09. - 23.10.

Born between September 24 and October 23, Libra is at home in the golden autumn. The planet Venus and the element air are assigned to it.

Charismatic, balanced and loving
- this is how you can describe Libra. Libra people have a strong talent to communicate and are good at bringing people together.

Their motto is "I seek harmony"
: people with the zodiac sign Libra are very in need of harmony. Conflicts or disagreements are not liked by Libra at all and they always try to make peace.

They love intellectual conversations and wrap everyone around their finger with their endearing charm. In relationships honesty, loyalty and fairness are important to them.

Libra women are always well styled
and thoroughly aesthetic. They have a strong sense for shapes and color. In terms of fashion or art, they find new trends with great flair and wisely know how to distinguish the valuable from the trivial.


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Monatssteine & Geburtssteine: OPAL – Der Oktober-Geburtsstein – Waage