Gemstones have not only a material value. The month of birth determines which stone can accompany us through life as a source of strength. These birthstones, it is said, have very individual properties that can have a empowering effect on their wearer.

Month stone June: Pearl

June has three birthstones, each of which enhances the magic of nature with its unique shape and color characteristics: alexandrite, moonstone and pearl.

Pearls are an example of the unique power of nature. They are created when a mollusk slowly coats tiny grains in its shell with shiny layers of nacre. This process takes between 5 and 10 years, and the result is the beautiful luminous treasures we cherish as pearls.

The color of the pearl depends on the type of shell that produces it - Usually we think of pearls in white, but there are also pearls in black, cream, gray, blue, yellow, purple, green. Black pearls are found in the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Sri Lanka and the Persian Gulf are famous for cream colored pearls - Japan for its freshwater cultured pearls.

There are river pearls, seawater pearls and freshwater pearls.
The most desirable and high quality are the sea water pearls. River and freshwater pearls are mostly smaller, do not have that noble luster and rarely have the coveted flawless round shape.

How to identify real pearls from imitations

A good way to identify a pearl as an imitation is to rub it against another pearl. Imitation pearls slide over each other, but cultured pearls feel grainy because of the layers of nacre.

Pearl - Effect as a healing stone

Pearls are associated with feminine beauty, seduction, elegance and charm, and are also considered a symbol of fertility. They promote the effect of the moon and are associated with the zodiac sign Cancer, whose planet is the moon.


Star sign Cancer 21.06. - 22.07.


Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancer is a real summer child and is very emotional. Its planet is the Moon and in its element, water, Cancer feels most at ease. His motto is "I feel" and so the zodiac sign has an extremely caring and emotional character. It is always worth looking behind the solid shell of a Cancer. Among people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are the most loving partners and the most loyal friends. Cancers are family people and very caring.


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