Oktoberfest 2023

3 Styling Tips for a stylish Wiesn Outfit


Classic and no fancy stuff: these are the styling trends for the Oktoberfest 2023 in Munich.

#1 Pastel colors

It doesn't always have to be loud and flashy. In autumn, classic colors such as dark or smoky blue or a soft pink, preferably as old rose or rosewood, are very popular. Especially elegant: a monochrome look, with apron and skirt from one color family. Soft pastel shades like pink or sage green are also very classy in monochrome.

Important with any color: The dirndl must always fit tight to the torso. Therefore, like to try on a clothing size smaller, so that it perfectly flatters the figure and sits crisp.

the blue escape jewelry - Wiesn Styling 2022

#2 Delicate Décolleté

A beautiful dirndl with a perfectly groomed décolleté belongs to the Oktoberfest like the Maß beer. Therefore, the skin on the neck and décolleté deserves regular care to shine. First remove dead skin cells with a gentle peeling. Then gently massage in a cream with shimmer pigments. This creates a delicate glow.

You can draw attention to your perfectly staged neckline with a sparkling piece of jewelry. A delicate chain in light blue goes with all colors and always underlines the femininity. Gladly also with the matching ear studs. And the design is not only suitable for the fair, but also for everyday wear!

the blue escape jewelry - Wiesn Stylingtipps 2022

#3 Men's attire

Traditional with the Krachledernen: a beautiful charivari. Jewelry has always been a tradition for men in traditional costume. Now the Burschn can prove style with selected accessories and score with the Madln. New trend: pearls instead of charivari!

My tip: the fesch! The new magazine for traditional clothing and alpine fashion.

Fesch – umgangssprachlich: auf Menschen ansprechend, anziehend wirkend.
Betonung – deutsch: fesch, österreichisch: [feːʃ ]

The bracelet you can also find HERE

the blue escape jewelry - Wiesn Styling 2022

BRACELET with brown Pearls


With these styling tips, you'll be in style when the time comes on September 16th: O'zapft is - here's to a peaceful Wiesn!


Oktoberfest: 3 Styling-Tipps für eine fesche Wiesn